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SATURDAY 6:00 - 6:30PM

The Sick Chicks are excited to announce something NEW this year! We are allowing attending filmmakers who are screening with us to pitch their next project to the audience. The winner is awarded a cash prize toward creating their project and a guaranteed screening and free entry into the Sick Chick Flicks Film Fest when it's done.

The Pitches



In Caitlin's classroom today, her teacher has asked the students to give an oral report on their hopes and dreams for their future. But no one expected Caitlin's assertion that, due to the knowledge gained by a love of popular "dead girl tv", her primary hope for the future is "that the FBI agent who finds my body is predisposed to sadness…" She continues to paint a picture, to her shocked classmates, that when she is inevitably killed it will be best if the agent assigned to her case falls obsessively in love with her, letting her live on forever, in the highest esteem enjoyed only by those young beautiful white women who are murdered.

the feature film


The feature brings the full story of the award-winning black-comedy adventure-thriller Lady Hunters short film to life. Three moms, on a weekend retreat to the Adirondacks, learn a heinous gang rapist has been released from prison nearby. Incensed by the atrocious nature of the crime against a teen-aged girl, and brief incarceration of only one of the perpetrators, the women find themselves novice killers and arbiters of justice. Our feature screenplay, fiscal sponsorship, awesome ensemble cast, and crack creative team are ready to go!

Lady Hunters Bar.jpg



Scarlet invites her friends to a family dinner but the host’s signature dish makes the night unforgettable.



DustandFire (1).jpg

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days. When the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

Genesis 6:4

Elle Peterson is a young, ambitious woman on the verge of a successful career, living her dream until the day she finds out she isn’t a woman at all.  She’s brutally shot in the subway, dies for a few moments, but makes a miraculous recovery in the hospital.  Even when she unintentionally knocks out one of the hospital staff with a touch and gets kidnapped by a flying man with giant wings, she still can’t accept the fact that she is a half angel, half human, Nephilim. 

Her death and resurrection awakens a coveted power in her called the light, thought lost to the angels.  She’s quickly caught up in the invisible war between the heavenly angels and the fallen, each vying for this newly found weapon in her that she has no idea how to control.

With the archangel Michael tasked with bringing her safely to the side of the heavenly angels, her choice seems pretty clear; but when she discovers that it was a fallen angel who saved her life in the subway and then comes back to save her once again, her loyalties are torn.


"Children of Dust and Fire" is a novel and screenplay.



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